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How can I submit updated information about a group?

Go to our online form and use it to note any information that should be changed or added to a group's entry. Make sure you enter the name of the group as it appears in the directory.


How can I add a new group to the directory?

Go to our online form and fill out as much information about the group as you can. Please supply your contact details in case we need to follow up with any questions.


Can my organisation be added to the directory?

In order to keep the directory manageable we have decided that unless organisations run multi-agency forums or partnerships in York, they will not be added to the directory. Contact us if you think that your organisation ought to be in the directory.


Why aren't all the members of my group listed?

Only group members that themselves have a Connected York entry are listed on a group page. We would hope that - since these groups operate in the public interest - they themselves maintain webpages that give full membership information. Connected York provides a link to these webpages where they exist.


It would be good if there was more information about the groups - meeting agendas, full membership lists, terms of reference and so on.

See the answer above. It is up to groups themselves to provide such detailed information. What we hope to provide with Connected York is a brief overview of these groups and - most importantly - a way of seeing how they are related to each other. Where a group does have detailed online information about itself, Connected York will provide a link.


Can I link to a page in the directory?

Yes, please do! And to make things easier, if you want to link from a webpage to a Connected York page we provide a button that you can use. To see the button for a page, use the 'Want to link to this page?' in the top right or bottom of the page.


I can see the button preview for a page, but I have no idea what to do with the code you provide.

Talk to your website administrator about how this HTML code can be added to your website. Alternatively, if you administer webpages yourself you might need to search the Help documentation for your website content management system. You will need to view and edit the HTML source of the page on which you want the button to appear.


I'd like a directory like this for my city/area.

Contact us to find out how you can use the Connected York system for your area.