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Learning City York 14-19 Partnership Group

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: 14 - 19 activity across the city is coordinated through the "Learning City York" 14–19 partnership. The partnership supports the implementation of both the national 14 - 19 reform programme and local 14 - 19 Education Plan, with the aims of raising attainment, improving progression and raising participation in education and training. To develop provision which provides the 2013 national entitlement for York learners the partnership works to introduce new qualifications by building on partners' existing expertise and specialisms. Key strands of activity are centred on providing information advice and guidance, provision of educational opportunities, employer engagement, and workforce development. The group also supports, informs and advises the Local Authority in its commissioning role. Ultimately, the 14-19 Partnership Group develops solutions which will achieve the outcomes set out in the 14–19 Education Plan.


: Mixed

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City of York Council

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Contact type: Chair

Contact name: Assistant Director for School Improvement and Staff Development, City of York Council

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