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YorOK Integrated Commissioning Group

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The main purpose of the Integrated Commissioning Group (ICG) is to establish a dynamic relationship between a wide range of partners in order to improve services and performance, this being a fundamental element of the drive to improve outcomes for children and young people in the City. The ICG is accountable to the YorOK Board and is a decision-making forum. It is responsible for ensuring that the strategic aims of the Children and Young People's Plan are progressed and achieved and that established CYPP priorities inform partnership planning and decision-making.

The ICG will ensure that infrastructural arrangements are in place to enable delivery of key elements of the CYPP, will seek to influence and challenge established partnership planning and delivery practices, and will take action where there are concerns about performance or service quality. The ICG will consider how both mainstream resources and specific grant funding can be used to achieve the key strategic and delivery objectives of the CYPP, including the diversion of resources into preventative services, and will explore the benefits and appropriateness of aligning and pooling budgets.


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